Secured on 2015; Vastram, established by Mr. Pratik Agrawal & Mr. Ashutosh Aggarwal with a common goal of making a design house that handcrafts extensive variety of a UNIVERSE CLASS fashion clothing.

The designers have woven themselves inside the fabric of ethnic and western apparel and subsequently understood the need of Fashion Architecture in Nepal for 2 years. They decided on establishing an outlet, a design hub for the country and here they from the House of Vastram present to you; NATRAJ “You Wear Your Soul” situated in Chokachey Galli, Indrachowk. The location happens to be the mold of Nepal’s busiest cloth market. NATRAJ is Nepal’s reply to the international ethics of Global Fashion. It joins love, energy and design in a form that is sponsored by quality and plan. NATRAJ shall introduce its collections with extraordinary personalities.

NATRAJ will serve both, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Let’s see The Natraj Creations.

Pratik Agrawal

Dear Readers, Viewers, Clients and Audiences,
It gives me an immense pleasure to put forth my gratitude to all the people who supported us directly and indirectly and helped us achieve the milestone that we have already achieved. I thank you all from the core of my heart.
Natraj is the outcome of the indigenous ideas of craftsmanship and corporate creativity of all the people related to the fashion directly and its stakeholders.
At Natraj, we believe, nothing is impossible. Having said this I once again thankyou all for your love and support. With Natraj you wear your soul and reflect the true nexus of trends.
I officially announce Natraj open for your service.

Ashutosh Aggarwal

Dear Readers, Viewers, Clients and Audiences,
Let me first take an opportunity to thank you all for your support and love due to which we are what we are today
At Natraj, we believe in quality and service which is sponsored by love and affection. Our goal for Natraj is to not only become the leading fashion clothing brand in the Nation but also come out as Nepal’s reply to global fashion industry.
At Natraj, every little details of designs and creativity is taken account of while serving our clients with 100% exclusively handcrafted fashion apparels.
I am honored to present Natraj The Boutique open for your service.
With Natraj, You Wear Your Soul and yes, its possible.

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